IRCA‘s work in and around Grindavík - 7.3.2024

Hér sést í veginn undir hrauninu sem rann í febrúar.

Since the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions began in Grindavík in November 2023, Vegagerðin has carried out a variety of projects in and around the town. Road repairs, road construction, increased winter service, mapping of cracks and cavities under the town and involvement in the construction of embankments are among the main projects. 

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Road to Blue Lagoon open - 28.2.2024

Ný tenging Bláalónsvegar
Grindavíkurvegur (43) is now open from Reykjanesbraut (41) all the way to Bláalónsvegur (426) or the Blue Lagoon Road. Part of Grindavíkurvegur is now built over the new lava and that part is a gravel road. It is not allowed to stop there or elsewhere on the way. It is very dangerous to walk on new lava and it is illegal to do so.
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All roads to Grindavík are closed - 14.11.2023

Nesvegur viðgerð
All roads to the town of Grindavík are closed and traffic is prohibited. Due to earthquakes and the risk of volcanic eruption the town has been evacuated and the roads towards town are closed. Follow or for all relevant information. Or call 1777.
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Possible closure of Reykjanesbraut tonight - 30.12.2022

The weather on Reykjanesbraut.

Those who have booked flights on the morning of New Year's Day are encouraged to pay close attention to and to airline flight schedules. The weather is expected to be bad in most places in the South and Southwest, including the capital area. Traffic will be slow and roads may be closed.

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