All roads to Grindavík are closed - 14.11.2023

Nesvegur viðgerð
All roads to the town of Grindavík are closed and traffic is prohibited. Due to earthquakes and the risk of volcanic eruption the town has been evacuated and the roads towards town are closed. Follow or for all relevant information. Or call 1777.
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Possible closure of Reykjanesbraut tonight - 30.12.2022

The weather on Reykjanesbraut.

Those who have booked flights on the morning of New Year's Day are encouraged to pay close attention to and to airline flight schedules. The weather is expected to be bad in most places in the South and Southwest, including the capital area. Traffic will be slow and roads may be closed.

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Reykjanesbraut closed due to maintenance - 15.11.2022

Reykjanesbraut will be open for traffic from Reykjavik to the airport throughout the construction period.

Due to paving works, Reykjanesbraut will be closed from Grindavíkurvegur towards Reykjavík from 20:00 on Wednesday 16th of November until 20:00 on Thursday 17th of November. Reykjanesbraut will be open for traffic from Reykjavik the airport throughout the construction period. Reykjanesbraut is to be paved over a 2.7 km section by the smelter in Straumsvík.

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TomTom starts using IRCA's DATEXII information - 15.12.2021

Kort með TomTom upplýsingum

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) is glad to announce that TomTom, a key service provider for traffic information has started utilizing the newly published DATEXII feed from IRCA.

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