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The weather and potholes

late winter and early spring can be difficult


When winter releases it firm grip these weeks in Iceland the paved roads get a beating. Because of the weather conditions potholes and other fractures in the paved surface can occur fairly quickly. Therefore it is a reason to drive extra carefully with this in mind.

The IRCA staff will fill the holes as soon as possible to avoid accidents or damages for travelers. But it will always take some time, besides the holes or damages in the surface can form very quickly. The worst conditions are when snows melts and disappears; and when there is thawing in the top layer of the road, water can get through the surface and then when it perhaps freezes in the night or early evening the frozen water will rip up the surface and make a hole.

The extreme wind in Iceland can also be a problem as can be seen in one of the picture where the bitumen surface has been blown off. Falling rocks are rarer but happens.

The main thing is to drive carefully according to conditions. follow things on our map or call 1777 for newest info on road conditions and the weather.