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  • From RUV a car blown off the road

The weather in Iceland is not at all like back home

things to be aware of in Iceland


The only certain thing about the weather in Iceland is that it is ever changing and very difficult to predict. On the 5th of May one could in two instances see the effect of that. One was a van blowing of the road due to a powerful gust and up north the Road Administration in cooperation with Icelandic rescue teams escorted a lot of cars across a mountain road because of snowy conditions even though it already is the month of May.

We can of course predict the weather and frequently we do warn about what might happen due to the weather. However, those not used to Icelandic conditions might be amazed not only how quickly the weather can change but also how much it can differ from one place to another. Therefore, foreign travellers need to be aware of this. The weather can be fine and not a snowflake in sight and yet after an hour drive or two conditions might have changed drastically, with even a snow blizzard and strong wind. 

On May 5th last the Road Administration arranged an escort over a mountain road in the Northeast due to the conditions and because many travellers were not prepared for winter conditions, driving on summer tires and so on. That is something one has to be prepared for, winter conditions creeping up on us even when summer or at least spring should be here. RUV had this story about that. 

Another thing did happen the same day and was captured on a phone. Much more serious but luckily the driver only had some minor injury. But as can be seen in the video with RUVs news item the wind in Iceland can not only be very powerful but also very difficult to be aware of. In the video one can see the van be blown of the road due to a powerful gust. And when it is windy in some places of Iceland the gusts can be two or three times the power of the ordinary wind blowing. Sue to mountains and different conditions this has proofed to  very dangerous.

Therefore it is wise to check our web page and if in doubt call our service number 1777.