• Kort með TomTom upplýsingum

TomTom starts using IRCA's DATEXII information


The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) is glad to announce that TomTom, a key service provider for traffic information has started utilizing the newly published DATEXII feed from IRCA. In April 2021, IRCA started to broadcast road condition, weather and situation data in accordance with the EU's DATEXII standard and TomTom is the first major service provider to connect with the new DATEXII feed.

DATEXII is an European standard that many European countries use to broadcast their traffic information data. The standard simplifies how traffic information is distributed, as it unifies how the data is modelled and structured, and makes it accessible for third party service providers, such as Google Maps, HERE, TomTom and Inrix.

IRCA's goal is to deliver its traffic information straight to car's navigation systems and commuter's smartphones. IRCA hopes that the broadcasting of its traffic information on DATEXII, will help ensure that critical information will reach commuters where and when they need it, and will also help improve route selection and optimization.