• Þingvallavegur lokaður - hjáleið

Þingvallavegur (36) closed - use Vallavegur (361)


Þingvallavegur (road number 36) through Þingvellir National park will be closed from Wednesday 24th April for all traffic. A detour through Vallavegur (361) will be available the whole time Þingvallavegur is closed. Vallavegur is a narrow road and needs to be driven carefully since it is not built for the estimated traffic.

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) is doing improvements of the main road, Þingvallavegur (36-04), that passes through Þingvellir National park, between the Information Centre in Þingvellir and the intersection with Vallavegur (361). While Þingvallavegur (36) is closed it is possible to use Vallavegur (361) to pass through Þingvellir National park.  
Work will begin on Wednesday 24.04.2019, when Þingvallavegur will be closed for all traffic. The service center in Þingvellir will be accessible. 
Some improvements to Vallavegur (361) have been made but IRCA points out that the road is narrow and not suitable for very large cars and busses. ICRA urges travel agents to use smaller busses on this road while Þingvallavegur (36) is closed.  
The map shows the detour on Vallavegur (green) while Þingvallavegur (red) is closed.