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DATEXII taken in use in Iceland

Broadcasting road conditions, weather data and situations.


The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) has as of April 2021 started to broadcast road condition, weather data and situations in accordance with the EU's DATEXII standard version 3.0 defined in the multi-part CEN standard 16157. 

DATEXII is an European standard that many European countries use to broadcast their traffic information data. The standard simplifies how traffic information is distributed, as it unifies how the data is modelled and structured, and makes it accessible for third party service providers, such as Google Maps, HERE, TomTom and Inrix. 

IRCA hopes that the broadcasting of its traffic information on DATEXII, will help ensure that critical information will reach commuters where and when they need it, and will also help improve route selection and optimization. Following severe winter storms in Iceland in December 2019 and January 2020, IRCA was allocated additional state funding to improve information to commuters. 

IRCA has for a long time made it a priority to provide good traffic information for commuters, with emphasis on winter conditions. 

IRCA has made this information available digitally on its website, on the teletext Textavarpið, through an automatic phone service and through an API. With adding the DATEXII broadcast, IRCA's goal is to deliver its traffic information straight to car's navigation systems and commuter's smartphones. 

The DATEXII service will help IRCA to ensure the safety of commuters in Iceland, and help prevent driving on closed roads.

The Icelandic DATEXII-standard information (

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