• Herjólfur kemur til Eyja.
  • Gamli og nýi Herjólfur komu saman til hafnar, sá eldri á undan.
  • Katrín Jakobsdóttir mundar freyðivínsflöskuna.

Herjólfur IV arrives in Vestmannaeyjar

Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir named the new car ferry


The new Vestmannaeyjar car ferry Herjólfur IV was greeted with great joy by inhabitants and guests at a welcoming event at Vestmannaeyjar harbour on the 15th of June. The event was held in celebration of the arrival and naming of the Herjólfur car ferry.

Herjólfur III and Herjólfur IV sailed together to Vestmannaeyjar and blew their whistles in celebration. A crowd of people had gathered at Friðarhöfn to receive the new ship that has been awaited with great anticipation.

Landeyjahöfn harbour was opened in 2010. It was not built to accommodate the old Herjólfur III but due to the financial crash in 2008 it was decided to postpone the building of a new ship. Landeyjahöfn has due to this and the fact that sand piles up in the harbour, been closed most winters.

Bergþóra Þorkelsdóttir, general director of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, was happy that Herjólfur IV should finally be home.

„Navigating the waters between Vestmannaeyjar and Landeyjahöfn harbour is extremely challenging. But these trips are of the utmost importance for the people and businesses in Vestmannaeyjar. It is our hope that this new ship will be able to sail more often to Landeyjahöfn in the future,“ Bergþóra said in her speech.

A representative of Herjólfur ohf., the chairman of Vestmannaeyjar town council and the Polish ambassador said a few words. Reverend Guðmundur Örn Jónsson gave the ship a holy blessing. Sigurður Ingi Jóhannsson, Minister of Transport, addressed the assembly.

Finally Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, formally gave the ship its name Herjólfur IV.

The next step for the Herjólfur IV crew will be to train in this new ship and Icelandic weather conditions. Hopefully it will not be to long before the ship will carry both people and cars from Landeyjahöfn to Vestmannaeyjar.

Below are videos of the Icelandic Prime Minister naming the ship, and of Herjólfur IV coming to Vestmannaeyjar for the first time.