Hálendiskort Vegagerðarinnar.

8.5.2019 : Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads

A map with information on mountain road conditions

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Kailum Graves is an australian artist.

29.4.2019 : Icelandic roads turned into art

The Australian artist Kailum Graves collected photos of Icelandic roads from the vast network of webcams.

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Þingvallavegur lokaður - hjáleið

12.4.2019 : Þingvallavegur (36) closed - use Vallavegur (361)

Þingvallavegur (road number 36) through Þingvellir National park will be closed from Wednesday 24th April for all traffic. A detour through Vallavegur (361) will be available the whole time Þingvallavegur is closed. Vallavegur is a narrow road and needs to be driven carefully since it is not built for the estimated traffic.

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