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6.5.2016 : The weather in Iceland is not at all like back home

The only certain thing about the weather in Iceland is that it is ever changing and very difficult to predict. On the 5th of May one could in two instances see the effect of that. One was a van blowing of the road due to a powerful gust and up north the Road Administration in cooperation with Icelandic rescue teams escorted a lot of cars across a mountain road because of snowy conditions even though it already is the month of May.

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15.4.2016 : Increased traffic in Iceland

In last march the traffic on the Ringroad around Iceland was about 20% more than in the same month the year before. This is a huge increase in traffic. The increase in traffic on the Ringroad close to Jökulsárlón measured about 83%. Therefore, it is safe to say that tourism is one reason for increased traffic in Iceland. Read more

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