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7.7.2016 : Driving in Iceland - on line class

Many tourists visiting Iceland choose to do so by driving themselves. Certain things about driving in Iceland is different from what most drivers are familiar with. Gravel roads, single lane bridges and other tourists stopping on the spot to get that perfect picture of an Icelandic horse. The Iceland Academy has made an on-line class for foreigners to take so they can drive more safely in Iceland. We all want you to be safe and sound. Read more
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6.5.2016 : The weather in Iceland is not at all like back home

The only certain thing about the weather in Iceland is that it is ever changing and very difficult to predict. On the 5th of May one could in two instances see the effect of that. One was a van blowing of the road due to a powerful gust and up north the Road Administration in cooperation with Icelandic rescue teams escorted a lot of cars across a mountain road because of snowy conditions even though it already is the month of May.

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