Skráning tilkynninga

Information in English

The best way to get information about road conditions and the weather on the road system is to call 1777 (if problems use +354 522 1100). Open 8-16 in summer and 6:30-22 in winter. An English answering machine with similar road information is in phone number 1778. 

On the Icelandic webpage, information is updated frequently during the day, in Icelandic. This service is not yet the case for the English webpage. However, the map, above under the “Road Conditions and Weather” webpage is in English. 

If there is a special warning, it will appear in the picture above in English. 

Via the “Travel Info” button above, information is to be found on conditions of mountain roads, how to drive in Iceland and more. Remember, it is the law to wear a seatbelt all the time and no matter where in the car you are seated.

Web cameras have been set up on most of the main roads, especially where roads pass over mountains, they are a useful indicator of conditions.

The number in Iceland to call for in case of an emergency is 112.