Driving in Iceland

From the Iceland Academy - Inspired by Iceland. A short lecture on driving in Iceland, which can be a real challenge:


The Icelandic Transport Authority has published this How to drive in Iceland flyer.

The rental car companies have distributed information flyers to their customers.  Those flyers have some useful information about driving on highland roads, driving on unpaved roads, and driving in winter.

There are two different versions of the flyer, a summer version and a winter version.  Here you may see individual pages of the flyers, click on the image to see the page.

Normal car version of flyer:

Jeeps or 4x4 cars allowed to drive on F-roads version of flyer:


Older version of flyers are also available in PDF format:

Summer version (Note: The .pdf file is 15.6MB)
winter version (Note: The .pdf file is 9.2MB)