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Have a safe journey

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration has published, in collaboration with the Road Traffic Directorate, a brochure for foreign travellers, called "Have a safe journey"

The brochure is published in several languages and is available on the Road Traffic Directorate web side together other interesting travel information about driving in Iceland.

Winter Services brochureWinter services on main roads  Information on road conditions and the current road situation and service categories. A brochure which can be found at different hotels or at Icelandic Road and Coastal Administrations offices around the country.
Can also be found here as a pdf, two parts; get them both. Pdf 1 and pdf 2

The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) has joined hands with the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration and other interested parties, in running a website with the goal to prevent accidents in travel and tourism in Iceland. 

It is highly recommended that travellers to Iceland visit this site: Safetravel

Drive the track placardDrive the track

The Icelandic travel club 4x4 is encouraging travelers to follow tracks and not drive off-road which is illegal in Iceland. Drivers could get a hefty fine. Drivers should not take any shortcuts, drive slowly and in all take good care.

The placard in pdf.

Vegakerfid2017-enska-1The Road System 2017 - An information leaflet on ICERA's main tasks

Cycling map and bicycle service around Iceland 2017. Map front page and back page(A part of an IRCA research project) 

Public Transport map 2019 - English - busses, ferries etc. (A part of an IRCA research project) 

Public transport picture

Winter service and management - information about the road network, climate, rules, organisation, research and more.