Sæfari - booking

Tickets can only be booked online and on board the ferry. Passengers must arrive no later than 30 minutes before departure.

Please note that you can only book cars on the ferry by calling +354 853-2211 or sending an email to saefari@vegagerdin.is. If the ferry is fully booked, please also contact +354 853-2211 or email saefari@vegagerdin.is. 

Book a trip to Grímsey

Cancellation Policy:
Please note that there is no refund if booking is cancelled within 24 hours of departure. If you cancel your booking with more than 24 hours in advance, you can get a refund but we charge a cancellation fee of 500 ISK. 

Grímsey - valid from June 1 to August 31

Summer schedule   From Dalvík    Arrival point    Arrival time     From Grímsey Arrival time in Dalvík 
Monday09:00 Grímsey12:0017:0020:00 
Wednesday 09:00 Grímsey12:0017:0020:00 
Thursday09:00  Grímsey12:00 14:00 17:00 
Friday09:00 Grímsey 12:0017:0020:00 
Sunday 09:00  Grímsey12:00 16:00 19:00 

Grímsey - valid from January 15 to May 14

 From Dalvík     Arrival point    arrival time     From Grímsey Arrival time in Dalvík 
 Monday09:00 Grímsey12:0014:0017:00 
 Wednesday 09:00 Grímsey12:0014:0017:00 
 Friday09:00 Grímsey 12:0014:0017:00 

Grímsey - valid from 1 October to 14 January 

 From Dalvík     Arrival point    arrival time     From Grímsey Arrival time in Dalvík 
 Wednesday 09:00Grímsey12:0014:0017:00 
 Friday09:00Grímsey 12:0014:0017:00 

Grímsey - valid from May 15 to May 31 and September 1 to September 30

 Summer schedule    From Dalvík     Arrival point    arrival time     From Grímsey Arrival time in Dalvík 
 Wednesday 09:00Grímsey12:0016:0019:00 
 Thursday09:00 Grímsey12:00 14:0017:00 
 Friday09:00Grímsey 12:0016:0019:00 


  • Reservations for cars in the ferry must be made before noon on the last working day before departure. 
  • Cars that go with the ferry have to be there 1 hour before departure. If they arrive later, it is not possible to guarantee that they will come along
  • The ferry does not sail on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Good Friday.


Hrísey - valid from October 1 - January 14 

 Winter schedule    From Dalvík    Place of arrival*  arrival time    From HríseyTo Dalvík 
 Tuesday1:15 p.mHrísey1:45 p.m14:152:45 p.m
 Thursday (call-up trip)  1:15 p.mHrísey 1:45 p.m14:152:45 p.m


Hrísey - valid from January 15 to September 30

 Winter schedule    From Dalvík     Place of arrival*    arrival time     From HríseyArrival time in Dalvík 
 Tuesday1:15 p.m Hrísey1:45 p.m14:152:45 p.m 
 Thursday (call-up trip)   18:30 Hrísey19:0019:3020:00 
  • It is not possible to book trips to Hrísey online, but if you wish to go there, please contact the ferry at 853-2211 or at saefari@vegagerdin.is.