• Herjolfur


1. Vestmannaeyjar - Landeyjahöfn
The ferry Herjólfur sails several times daily with passengers and cars..

2. Stykkishólmur - Flatey - Brjánslækur
The ferry Baldur carries passengers and cars daily and has a stopover in Flatey for people and cargo (not cars)

3. Árskógsströnd - Hrísey
The ferry Sævar sails daily with passengers and cargo.

4. Hrísey - Dalvík - Grímsey
The ferry Sæfari sails three times a week to Grímsey with passengers and cargo and two days to Hrísey.

5. Neskaupstaður - Mjóifjörður
In wintertime the ferry sails to Mjóifjörður as the road is closed; with passengers and cargo.


A list over the ferries that the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration subsidies 
and are looked on as a part of the road system:

Vestmannaeyjar - Landeyjahöfn

Stykkishólmur - Flatey - Brjánslækur

Árskógsströnd - Hrísey

Hrísey - Dalvík - Grímsey
Dalvík - Hrísey
Dalvík - Grímsey
Neskaupsstaður - Mjóifjörður
1. október - 31. maí

From: Mjóifjörður  Neskaupstaður
Mondays:  10:00 12:30
Thursdays: 10:00 12:30
If passengers so wish the ferry can stay longer in Mjóifjörður, to maybe 14:00.

For info call:
8494797 or