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  • 1. Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads

    Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads A map with information on mountain road conditions is published during the first weeks of summer. The mountain roads open in very different times according to location, and very different time each year. There can be a difference of more than one whole month depending on the weather and how rapidly snow disappears and more importantly how quickly the roads /travel-info/condition-and-opening-of-mountain-roads/
  • 2. Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads

    News Condition and Opening of Mountain Roads Maps with information on road condition 8.5.2019 Mountain roads in Iceland open in very different times every year, depending on location, weather conditions and how rapidly snow disappears and more importantly how quickly the roads dry.Before venturing into the highlands all travellers should check if the roads have opened. A map with information /about-us/news/condition-and-opening-of-mountain-roads
  • 3. Iceland_Snow-and-Ice-Databook-2013-v01

    traffic from midnight), estimated time of opening if road is closed, maintenance works, axle-load restrictions, ferry schedules etc. The one hundred camera-points are available to the general public through internet. Use of weather related road sensors and variable road signs Most of the ICERA´s weather stations have temperature sensors in the road surface, and some have road surface /media/um-vegagerdina/Iceland_Snow-and-Ice-Databook-2013-v01.pdf
  • 4. Damage_notification.docx

    Incident report Information about the claimant (registered owner of the vehicle) Notifier: Social security number: Phone number: Email address: Date of incident: Time: Where did the incident occur: Name: Social security number: Address: Phone number: Email address: License plate of the vehicle: General information about the incident: What happened, how did /vefur2.nsf/Files/Damage_notification/$file/Damage_notification.docx
  • 5. Travel Info

    are on RUV's text TV on pages 470-494. In 1777 (if problems use +354 522 1100) information can also be found about service on the roads, opening of mountain roads etc. In wintertime 1777 is open from 06:30 – 22:00 and from 08:00 – 16:00 in the summertime. Weather forecasts can be found at the Icelandic Meteorological Office homepage. Search Islenska Driving with Elfis Mountain roads Emergency number /travel-info/
  • 6. Snjomokstursbaeklingur_2014_enska_3_fhl

    The winter in Iceland is an exciting time of the year for travelling around the country. Please be advised that there might be strong winds (up to hurricane level) and blizzards occurring from time to time in Iceland throughout the winter. This may involve demanding driving conditions temporarily on main roads and even cause mountain passes to become impassable. Attention Information on road /media/upplysingar-og-utgafa/Snjomokstursbaeklingur_2014_enska_3_fhl.pdf
  • 7. New English webpages

    News New English webpages with more information and more to come 6.7.2015 The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) has updated its English webpages as can be seen here. The new webpages are more like their Icelandic counterparts. They are though a lot fewer and concentrated on information for the traveller. For the time being information about road conditions and weather /about-us/news/nr/12176
  • 8. The temporary bridge over Steinavötn opens tomorrow

    In the mean time, or today, walking traffic is allowed over the old bridge. Transport is arranged between Hali and Hrollaugsstaðir, 4-5 km from the bridge in each direction. Search Islenska Driving with Elfis Mountain roads Emergency number Incident report Vegagerðin Borgartúni 5-7 105 Reykjavík Kt. 680269-2899 Contact us 522 1000 Follow us Facebook Twitter App /about-us/news/the-temporary-bridge-over-steinavotn-opened-tomorrow
  • 9. Icelandic roads turned into art

    conditions in Iceland all year around. Graves collected photos every day for a year, starting early 2017 in Skagaströnd and finishing a year later in the same town. He spent another year creating a yearlong time-laps video covering the entirety of Iceland. The work is called Spukhafte Fernwirkung, or spooky action at a distance. The term was used by Einstein to sceptically describe quantum entanglement /about-us/news/icelandic-roads-turned-into-art
  • 10. Iceland_Cycling_map_back_2017.pdf

    oceanic climate. the summers are short, and the best time for cycling is late may to early september. during this time, the average temperature is 10–12°c (50 –54°f). a few warmer days may exceed 20°c (68°f), but near freezing temperatures are equally common. most days offer a mixture of clouds and sunshine, but rain showers are frequent. When lows approach, conditions can be quite wet on one side /vefur2.nsf/Files/cycling_map_2017_back/$file/Iceland_Cycling_map_back_2017.pdf

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