The temporary bridge over Steinavötn opens tomorrow - 3.10.2017

Við Steinavötn 3.10.2017

The work building the 104 m temporary bridge over Steinavötn in Southeast Iceland went so well that it will be opened well ahead of schedule. It will be opened tomorrow at noon, Wednesday 4th October for all traffic.

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Open if you are walking - 1.10.2017

Steinavötn 1.10.17

Late on Sunday, October 1st, the bridge over Steinavötn was opened for walking traffic, but just under supervision. Car traffic is not allowed from Hali in the west nor from Hrollaugsstaðir en the east. Hali is 5 km from the bridge over Steinavötn and Hrollaugsstaðir is 4,5 km from the bridge. On Monday, October 2nd, trips between Hali and the bridge and Hrollaugsstaðir as well will be organized. 

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Where then is the Ring Road closed? - 1.10.2017

Steinavötn closure - map
In the news story there are maps that show where the road is closed at Steinavötn-river. It is the only closure now. It is possible to drive to Jökulsárlón from Reykjavík since that is west of Steinavötn, and one can reach Höfn í Hornafirði the long route by driving north and then east via the Ring Road. Read more

The road at Hólmsá will be opened today 30.9. - 30.9.2017

Hólmsá á Mýrum
The Ring Road has been closed in two places in Southeast Iceland, at Steinavötn and at Hólmsá, see on map. Later today the closure at Hólmsá will be opened, between the hours 5 pm and 6 pm or at 7 pm the latest. It is the closure to the right on the map in the story.  Read more