Þingvallavegur lokaður - hjáleið

12.4.2019 : Þingvallavegur (36) closed - use Vallavegur (361)

Þingvallavegur (road number 36) through Þingvellir National park will be closed from Wednesday 24th April for all traffic. A detour through Vallavegur (361) will be available the whole time Þingvallavegur is closed. Vallavegur is a narrow road and needs to be driven carefully since it is not built for the estimated traffic.

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Kynning á meistaraverkefni um Hornafjarðarós

12.4.2019 : Sediment transport and bathymetric change at Hornafjörður tidal inlet

A master's thesis in engineering at the University of Lund, Sweden, which deals with Hornafjörður and Grynnslin has not been published. The project was carried out by Clemens Klante's German student who did so well in his studies that he was chosen to work on a doctoral project at the university. He introduced his project to the maritime division of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration last fall.

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Ölfusárbrú closure in August

20.7.2018 : Bridge closed on the Ring Road (no.1) at Selfoss

Due to maintenance the bridge at Selfoss, in South of Iceland, will be closed for all vehicles from 20:00 o'clock on August 13th until August 20th. The bridge will also be closed during the night from midnight August 12th until 06:00 o'clock the following morning. Then it will be open during the day until evening (20:00).   Read more

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